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16 September, 2018  - 
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Architect Lisboa – Visit the report about our appointment to the German Design Award, regarding the remodeling of our office:

Letting natural light flood all the space was the concept for the development of the project, “says Miguel Barbas, CEO of the company that explains how the concept of creating a new space arose:” It was intended that almost the whole area of ​​the project was an integral part of a single space leading to the option for segmentation to be passed through the placement of glass panels. These not only allow the creation of more reserved work spaces but also allow natural light, which only enters through two windows on the main facade of the building, to fill almost the entire office in a homogeneous way.

The simplicity of the design with the application of only one vertical interior element, the glass, also led to ideas of simple concept for the application of floor coverings and ceilings.

In the enclosed zones, Estremoz marble was applied with uneven shades of gray, from the Alentejo region in Portugal, and to the rest of the office a continuous floor in Micro-gray color.

In the project there was also the intention to keep memories of the building’s own building elements at the level of the ceilings, so that the area was chosen, partly in the open space area only by the painting of the gray concrete slab, reserving for the areas enclosed and around them the definition of suspended ceilings with geometric shapes painted white that accompany the implantation of the spaces.

With an area of ​​120m2, Sabrab’s office has two work offices, meeting room in the central office area and open space with common collective work area and technical and printing area. There is also a play area with a snooker table and ping pong table.

Sabrab offers a service of Architecture, Engineering and Construction, all integrated in the same company.

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