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29 January, 2021  - 
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Sabrab was chosen by the A´Design Award as the 14 best Portuguese companies in architecture and design.

This ranking is based on the awards received over the past few years, in the most diverse areas of design and architecture.

This award is a testament to the distinctive design that we have presented both in the health and residential areas.

This is the result of the work of a great team, led by Miguel Barbas, but success can only be achieved if those around you have the same vision.

Sabrab an architecture, interior design and engineering company with 14 years of existence. Our focus has been on creating differentiating projects,

where there is a respect for nature and a use of sunlight, where the main challenge. the creation of spaces to live, in harmony with the individuality of each person or company.

We have worked on several major projects, such as the rehabilitation of Forte da Gra.a, in Elvas, Alentejo, and the Santa Justa Elevator, in Lisbon, having executed more than 200 projects since its foundation.

When designing a space, the first step. understand the environment, divide the space, according to the client’s masterplan, and taking advantage of the

maximum natural light, we arrive at a result. The second step is to create a mood board where we choose the materials and textures appropriate to the space, and their divisions. These are the steps that lead to a weighted result, in line, shape and intensity.

We intend to be one of the best architecture and interior design offices in Portugal and the construction process is one of the most important factors, which led Sabrab to be differentiating,

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