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29 January, 2021  - 
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The Medis dental clinic, was published on Archdaily After winning the Muse Gold Award in New York, we saw this project published on the architecture website, being the most visited in the world. It is a dental clinic and a wide area of ​​offices that are developed on just one floor, having at the origin of your project the existence of a skylight that floods the central area of ​​the waiting room with natural light and around which all the compartments have developed. . The entrance to the clinic and the offices is made through the main access of the building, with a separation of paths for each of the spaces, clinic and offices. The area defined as a clinic includes a waiting and service room located on the main front of the building and in the central area of ​​the skylight, meeting room, two public sanitation facilities, one of which is adapted for people with reduced mobility, three administrative offices, nine offices dental, sterilization room, orthopantomography room, waste room, two changing rooms and sanitary service facilities, in addition to a set of other spaces to support the activity. The main front of the Clinic, whose facade is made of glass, immediately defined the interior materiality of some areas, namely the separation of dental offices / circulation, which is also made of transparent glass so that the interior could receive natural light thus reducing the impact in the use of artificial light, namely in the waiting room, administrative offices and dental offices. It was intended in this area to give a different character to the clinical area, with the use of a more technical image where electricity and air conditioning infrastructures were assumed as an integral part of the architectural solution. In this space, color notes were also considered to differentiate work areas.

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