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29 January, 2021  - 
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Miguel Barbas was interviewed for Forbes magazine, due to Sabrab having received the Iconic Award Selection from the German Design Council.

Atelier português conquista prémio internacional

“This is an international award that values ​​what we design, where the ICONIC – German Design Council juries, which award the award, are made up of renowned architects and designers. Competing with projects from all over the world, where budgets are much higher than ours, requires us to be more differentiated and to be as creative as possible to stand out. ”, Sabrab CEO Miguel Barbas told FORBES. Sabrab wins the prize with the project that involved two architects, three engineers and an interior designer. For the company’s CEO, visual balance is essential in this space, which makes white and gray his favorite colors, both on floors and ceilings. Created in 2006, Sabrab has a multidisciplinary team, composed of elements from different areas of activity and with an eye on the future, with the objective of designing sustainable houses, dominating the market at national level and expanding its internationalization. Currently, the company has 100% Portuguese customers in the health sector, 80% foreign in the residential area, including Swiss, English and German. “For the foreign clients that we have designed the houses in Portugal, we intend to start investing in the country of origin, especially in countries like Angola, where the language is easy, creating bonds of empathy right from the start. Our market is very competitive, and foreigners have valued our work, especially for all the international awards we have received, which are already five, however the national customer is still very unaware of what we do and have already done ”, said the official. # forbes arquitectura # atelier arquitectura Portugal # atelier arquitectos lisboa In 2019, Sabrab grew 105%, and in 14 years of existence the average was 10% annual growth. “If we compare directly with 2019, we have a 25% turnover drop, especially in the second quarter, due to the fact that we stopped our activities. With the arrival of the pandemic, we did not want to risk the health of our stakeholders, since part of the works were in the health area, and there were many uncertainties ”, justifies the CEO. Miguel Barbas guarantees that by the end of this year it will be difficult to recover the 2019 turnover and advances that the company already has projects running for 2021.

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