Sabrab won Build Prize
11 September, 2018  - 


Best Portuguese architect – Sabrab won the 2018 Best Design and Project Management firm award, taking into account the latest work developed in  Modern House Architect.

We continue to work in order to obtain architecture, engineering and integrated construction, in order to obtain the best results.

We thank our clients for their trust, on behalf of the entire team, Miguel Barbas, Pedro Unas and Maria Barbas.

We have increasingly specialized and demanding team with more than 10 years of experience

“Clients have relied on SABRAB to build their business and their homes, being aware that our professionalism, innovation and singular vision, looking at each project as a unique project, leads us to excellent results.
We have an increasingly specialized and demanding team with more than 10 years of experience, therefore reinforcing commitment towards our clients, by supporting, suggesting, and advising them in terms of techniques and materials to accomplish their dreams.”
Miguel Barbas, CEO

SABRAB was founded in April 2006 and, since its creation, it has advised its clients on elaborating a suitable plan for each project, by incorporating the best solutions, processes and materials, meeting the needs and goals we undertake before our clients.
We rely on a multi disciplinary team formed by Engineers, Managers, Architects and Building Technicians, that are highly experienced in this industry and have a wide market knowledge.
We distinguish ourselves by ensuring a personal follow-up with the client, therefore attributing a special value to each project.
The success of each project begins with a plan capable of ensuring compliance with deadlines and quotations, and the required quality.
From a small office to a large public construction, our team dedicates to identify and manage project risks, predicting
problems that can later become costly.
During our integrated management process, we apply several processes which allow clients to trust SABRAB to coordinate and execute all formalities regarding a real estate project, from a preliminary study made by an architect up to
the construction and finishing stages.


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