Casa na Comporta
2021 - 2023

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Under construction, a 500 square meter villa on a 5 hectare plot, we designed and built with the Sabrab team.

This single storey house is the result of a sum of volumes with different heights.

Oriented at different angles, leaving exterior semi-open passages between the various elements of the set.

The te project, traditional local style, Comporta Style, in a tenuous combination between regional heritage and a contemporary approach, with the use of really ecological lime, achieved with traditional additives.

The left core is made up of the bedrooms. The central living, dining and kitchen areas are continuous and the feeling of being outdoors is enhanced by large glazed areas. In the right wing, four suites are designed which, in a game of full and empty spaces, patios and volumes, separate each individual space.

Outside, with a strong sense of place in mind, the natural landscape and the white sand dunes surround the constructed complex, which marked the location of the house, we are based in Architect Comporta .

SABRAB was founded in April 2006, and since its inception it advises its clients on the elaboration of adequate planning for each project, from architecture, engineering and construction, incorporating in it the best solutions, processes and materials, capable of satisfying the needs and objectives to which we commit ourselves with our clients.
We have a multidisciplinary team, made up of Engineers, Managers, Architects and Construction Technicians with extensive experience in the sector and deep knowledge of the market.
We strive for personal follow-up with the client, giving special value to each project carried out. Architect Comporta

The success of a project begins with planning that ensures compliance with deadlines and budget with the required quality.
From setting up a small office to carrying out a major public work, our team is committed to identifying and managing project risks, anticipating problems that may later prove to be costly.
In our integrated management, we apply a set of processes that allow customers to confidently delegate to SABRAB the coordination and execution of all the necessary procedures for a real estate project, from carrying out a preliminary study with an architect, to the construction and final phase of finishes.

# architect comport # Architect comporta


# architect comporta # Arquitecto comporta

Casa na comporta