Clínica Dentária Lisboa
2021 - 2021

# dental clinic # sustainable architecture # interior design # dental clinic architect

This project had a special nature, due to being the 200th health project that sabrab has carried out over its 15 years of existence.

This project had an objective, the use of sustainable, biodegradable materials, the use of lighting equipment with A + certification, in order to optimize a sustainable architecture.

On the walls we use bamboo instead of plasterboard, the floor consists of a compound that comes from the reuse of plastic and tires.
A CO2 emission counter was installed, interconnected with an application, which will indicate the trees that will be planted in solidarity and interaction with patients.

Architecture, interior design and construction, all integrated, with an internal team.


Developed Projects

– Fire Safety Project, Excavation, Stability, Water Distribution Networks, Domestic Sewerage Networks, Rainwater Drainage, Electricity, HVAC, RSECE and Energy Certification.

We elaborate the following projects:


• Architecture Project / Sustainable Architecture Project

• Interior Design Project
• Furniture project


• Resistance and Stability Project
• Structural Reinforcement Project
• Acoustic Behavior Project
• Thermal Behavior Project
• Building Water Network Project
• Building Sewerage Project
• Fire Safety Project
• Health and Safety Plan
• Electricity and communications networks project