Clinica Santa Madalena Cascais by Sabrab
2019 - 2020

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The project is developed in a building with three floors with about 1250m2 of construction area and basement parking.

The framing for the Sintra mountains was one of the assumptions in the layout distribution, allowing the waiting areas to also become spaces for visual contemplation.

The layout of the Clinic’s interior spaces started with the maximum use of natural light for the work areas, thus reducing the building’s environmental footprint.

The clinic has a set of dental specialties, separated by specific wings, in a total of eighteen offices, including a recovery room with a particular framework for the Sintra mountains in a reserved area of ​​the space on the 1st floor of the building.

The building has a central area that allows the separation into different wings either on floor 0 or on floor 1.

Thus, in the left wing of floor 0, the reception, service and waiting areas, patient managers offices, as well as support toilets are concentrated.

The right wing of floor 0 was reserved for the children’s waiting room with access to the outdoor garden, pediatric dentistry and emergency room with a total of six offices, four of which have glass interior facades allowing natural light to provide interior areas. of space with the same spatial quality as others that are in direct contact with the outside.

On the 1st floor two more wings, the left wing being used for surgical specialties of greater complexity with five offices and the right wing with seven more offices.

In the connection of the two wings, centrally in space and overlooking the Sintra mountains, the main waiting room of the Clinic and restrooms.

In addition to the eighteen offices, the Clinic is also equipped with a prosthetic laboratory to support the activity and a training room occupying the entire 2nd floor of the building, also enjoying a wide view of the mountains.

With regard to the materiality of the space, the concept included the placement of glass panels in specific areas of the space, namely service areas and the Pediatric Dentistry area, which allow natural light to pass through almost the entire area of ​​these wings of the Clinic.

The aim was to achieve a visual balance with regard to materials and colors, which is why white and gray mark the entire space. We opted for the existence of only two flooring solutions, in the clinical areas, a gray vinyl that has characterized the Clinic’s image in recent years, and a white floor with marbled in shades of gray in the other areas.

On the ceilings, in addition to the white areas that fill the space, there are others with exposed concrete painted in gray in the three clinical corridors and in the waiting rooms.

In the corridors, all lighting is carried out with vertical LED lines on the walls, which gives these corridors a different scale from the rest of the clinic and the waiting rooms dotted on the concrete ceilings with suspended lighting.

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