Clínica Dentária São Paulo

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Inserted in a small fraction of 140 square meters, our objective was to create a dental clinic with three dental offices, reception and other necessary technical services.

The main objective was to create a clinic with the smallest ecological footprint in construction as possible. For this, the project team looked for solutions for the walls outside the traditional, having opted for bamboo panels, which are the most sustainable plant in construction, due to its rapid growth.

For this, wooden panels were created, and the ceilings of the entire clinical area in this material, with a circular evolutionary shape, which accompanies the offices, with the doors of the clinical corridor and one of the offices, facing to give continuity to the space.

All chosen lighting equipment had energy efficiency and lower consumption as a principle. The reception lamp stands out, an Artemide Alphabet of light, which by itself fills the entire reception area.


Furniture was designed at the reception, also in bamboo, with a form inspired by Japanese architecture.


All technical areas were placed at the back of the clinic, where the changing rooms, pantry and technical areas are located.


The chosen covering materials were thought to be as neutral as possible, having only chosen a Calacatta for greater prominence in the sanitary installation where the light is an LED that makes a cross effect.

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