Clinica Santa Madalena Montijo – Clinica Médica Dentária
2015 - 2016

Dental Clinic Montijo Hospitalar with 14 offices and an area of ​​400 square meters in Forum Montijo.

The large cabinets were designed, with furniture of modern design, benches in composite material. It focused on energy savings using Daikin equipment, LED lighting and passive energy systems. We highlight the fact that we have designed 4 Dental Clinics and 10 Dental Clinics, where we have the human and technical resources prepared to offer you a Quality Service.

Looking back, we find that we have been innovative and pioneering in several aspects:

• Large clinics, mostly installed in Retail and Business Park’s;

Developed Projects – Project of Fire Safety, Excavation, Stability, Water Distribution Networks, Domestic Sewerage Networks, Rainwater Drainage, Electricity, avac, RSECE and Energy Certification. We have prepared the following projects:

ARCHITECTURE • Architecture Project • Interior design project • Furniture project

ENGINEERING • Resistance and Stability Project • Structural Reinforcement Project • Peripheral Containment Project • Facade Containment Project • Acoustic Behavior Project • Thermal Behavior Project • Water Supply Networks Project • Sewerage Networks Project • Fire Safety Project • Health and Safety Plan • Electricity and communications networks project • Preparation of Terms of Reference and tender documents for tender • Support in drafting contracts; • Management and coordination, construction of private and public works of the actors in the design and construction phases; • Reception and rehearsals of the work carried out; • Periodic report to the Promoter / Investor / Owner of Work; • Management of Energy Certification and Sustainability processes;

We have the Construction Permit of IMPIC. We invite you to visit our office in Parque das Nações, where you can enjoy, models, furniture and our most recent project in: