House Lisboa Restelo Architect
2018 - 2018

Lisbon House Architecture Project – Engineering construction in lisbon # cascais # interior design # architect in algarve

House located in the Restelo neighborhood in Lisbon. There was a part of the house that was rehabilitated, having been designed an attached body, with a more contemporary design in order to make the volume fit and creating privacy for the pool.

The structure was made of reinforced concrete with large spans of 8x10m, using fungiform slabs.

Tiger skin marbles were used in the sanitary facilities.

Dinesen wood was used in the covering of living areas and bedrooms.

The Arquitectura Moradia Lisboa project, despite looking for the surrounding references, has an admittedly contemporary character. At the functional level, it is a single-family house T4 distributed over three floors, whose organization of the space was adapted to the existing span system, subverting only the location of the main access to the building. On the ground floor we find the two bedrooms and a small toilet, on the upper floor there is a social area comprising the living room / kitchen and a social toilet. This intention of placing the social area on the highest floor, contrary to what happens in traditional typologies, takes advantage of the volume provided by the roof, which in this way decompresses the space, while giving it a certain dynamism. This change in the distribution of common spaces simultaneously allows for a visual expansion in the relationships that the interior establishes with the exterior, creating more elongated perspectives and enhancing unexpected light inputs.