Melides House of the Arch

Melides House of the Arch  – Architect and Construction

House under license for sale in Melides. This house is delivered to the owner in 14 months after purchase.

Plot of land with 4 acres, 1okm from the beaches of Melides.

With noble materials, coated with lime, inside Microcement and marble stone, with Melides sand.

The total area of ​​the house is 450 square meters, with four suites, two of which are accessible from the outside, in order to provide privacy to guests.

The generously sized pool surrounds the master suite, making it possible to close part of it in hell, and be used as an indoor pool.

Architect melides comporta , engineer and construction working together, made compatible for the realization of a project, with more than 10 houses built in Melides.

Sabrab was recently distinguished with a German Design Award and the A´Design Award 2019. Are you looking for an architect and builder in Melides? Contact us

# Architect Melides


• Architectural Project
• Interior Design Project
• Furniture project


• Resistance and Stability Project
• Structural Reinforcement Project
• Peripheral Containment Project
• Facade Containment Project
• Acoustic Behavior Project
• Thermal Behavior Project
• Building Water Network Project
• Building Sewerage Network Project
• Fire Safety Project
• Health and Safety Plan
• Electricity and communications networks project

• Preparation of Terms of Reference and Tender Specifications for tender
• Support in drafting contracts;
• Management and coordination, construction of private and public works by the stakeholders in the design and construction phases;
• Reception and testing of the work performed;
• Periodic reporting to the Promoter / Investor / Project Owner;
• Management of Energy Certification and Sustainability processes;


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