Rehabilitation Forte da Graça
2015 - 2017

# Architect Portugal # Architect Lisbon

Forte da Graça in Elvas is considered one of the most powerful fortified fortresses in the world, was inaugurated by the President of Portugal and the it´s most original for its design and implementation, the Forte da Graça, also known as Forte Conde de Lippe, is located on the hill with the same name, the highest in the region, about 1km north of the city of Elvas. The projects were prepared by Eng. Miguel Barbas.
This masterpiece of European military architecture was built by King D. José I, and construction began in 1763, being inaugurated in 1792, already in the reign of D. Maria I, and having contributed to its construction, more of 6000 men and 4000 animals.
A number of rehabilitation interventions have been carried out at Forte over the years, the most recent having been carried out for about 10 years. However, nowadays the Fort is devoluto and partially in ruins, being at the moment Sabrab to develop the project described below to return it to its inhabitants as Multicultural Space.
Inaugurated by Exmo. President of the Republic, Anibal Cavaco Silva, who mentioned in his opening address the project stakeholders, of which I transcribe a few words:
“After just over two years, my satisfaction is doubled. In fact, the conservation and restoration intervention, which took place at Forte da Graça, not only restored the building to its imposing and monumental character, but also fully respected the deadline and budgets foreseen.
I greet, therefore, all the involved entities teaches enterprise to several exemplary titles. We are faced with a case of determination and rigor, which is worthy of particular recognition and an initiative that will certainly contribute to the requalification and reanimation of the city of Elvas and this region of Alentejo. “