Santa Justa Lift
2017 - 2018

Rehabilitation of the Entrance and access of the Santa Justa Elevator.

Architect and Engineer ins Lisbon, Porto and Alentejo.

ENGINEERING • Resistance and Stability Project • Structural Reinforcement Project • Peripheral Containment Project • Facade Containment Project • Acoustic Behavior Project • Thermal Behavior Project • Water Supply Networks Project • Sewerage Networks Project • Fire Safety Project • Health and Safety Plan • Electricity and communications networks project • Preparation of Terms of Reference and tender documents for tender • Support in drafting contracts; • Management and coordination, construction of private and public works of the actors in the design and construction phases; • Reception and rehearsals of the work carried out; • Periodic report to the Promoter / Investor / Owner of Work; • Management of Energy Certification and Sustainability processes;

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